X-ray machine for loose products to detect foreign matters


It’s necessary for us to analyze with you the theory of x-ray detection on the foreign body in food. As you can see on the machine’s screen, x-ray detection is to scan the product and form the image of it. After the picture is transmitted to the processing unit, the unit will recognize the foreign body intelligently based on the picture. Therefore, as for the foreign body, in order to be detected by machine, it has to be scanned into the picture. However, only the large-density substance can be scanned into the picture. So the small-density substance(smaller than the density of water) cannot. This is caused by the strong penetrability of x-ray. As a result, substances such as hair and cotton, with smaller density than water, cannot be detected. You can have a try on this to see whether the small-density substances can be shown in picture. Finally, our suggestion for you is, x-ray detection is only suited in detecting large-density foreign body, such as ceramics, glass, metal, etc., but not all kinds of the foreign bodies.



special for bulk products, with 32 tunnels air rejector

Best Inspection Ability

¢0.3mm(metal ball), ¢0.2*2mm( metal wire),

¢1.0 (glass ball), ¢1.0 (ceramic ball)

 X-ray source power

MAX. 80kV, 210W

Detecting Parameter

Detecting Max. Height:



Detecting Max. Width:


Conveyor Parameter





Max Height


Display Screen

Full-color TFT 15" Touch Screen


Windows XP Professional

Supported data interface

LAN port, USB port

Product Management

Complete product log

Parameter Adjustment

Auto learning/Manual learning selectable

Image Management

Auto image save/print/analyse

Power Supply

220V, AC, 50/60Hz

Body Material



Easy to wash

Cooling method

Air conditioned cooling

Operation temperature

0-40°C (without air conditioning)

Operation humidity


X-ray emissions

< 1microsievert per hour

X-ray protection

Lead/Lead-free protective curtain


Import and export with protection and with 32-channel air rejection


Remarks for X-RAY:

  1. Working principle: First products enter the machine detected mouth, machine radiation X-ray exposure to detect the higher density foreign body than the product density.
  2. Methods of operation: touch screen, Chinese/ English interface for easy man-machine dialogue, easy to operate, greatly reducing staff training time; can store 1000 kinds of products with different specifications, and significant savings in the machine to adjust the time, defective products can be detected and save, easy to find bad batch bad reason, a great help to improve product quality.
  3. The frame is 60mm × 60mm × 2.5mm stainless steel tube welded. The body adopt 2mm thick stainless steel plate (the actual thickness of 1.8mm or more) are made of SUS 304.
  4. The design of the body a series of user-friendly design is easy to disassemble and easy to clean, have a higher ability to rust and corrosion, to ensure the life of the machine.
  5. Storage: supported for 1000 kinds of parameters are stored.
  6. Product Management: the log of the day / month products.