Pipeline metal detector for sauce,liquid products

Pipeline metal detector for sauce,liquid products

Model No.︰MD-D80

Brand Name︰ROYEE

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The equipment is used in jams, chocolate, soups etc between pump and filling station.

1.Detection and separation of metal contaminants for pumped, liquid and paste productes;
2. Easy to integrate in pipeline systems by quick connectors;
3.Reliable rejection of contaminants is guaranteed by the use of quick valve according to different product characteristics.
4. Outstanding ease of operation with product auto-learn function;
5.High detection sensitivity and stability compared with the tunnel machine;
6. Designed for easy cleaning in high-strength stainless steel;

Technical Parameter
Model: MD-D80
Detection diameter(mm): Inner Diameter:80mm (standard), 63mm, 50mm available.
Pipe Length: 668mm
Sensitivity Fe (mm): 0.7
Sensitivity SUS(mm): 2.0
Alarm model: Sound and light alarm
Rejection: When detecting metal, flap excludes automatically
Pressure requirements: ≥1.6Mpa
Environment:Temperature 10-40°C,humidity less than 85%(avoid freezing,condensation)
Power supply: 220V/110V AC

1 As mentioned above the sensitivity is in the empty state,and the actual sensitivity is relative with factory environment and product effect;
2 Detection volume per hours is relative with product weight and speed;
3 The products of different specification can be ordered according to the customers requirements.

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